2013 Testimonies

“Awesome event as always! Great volunteers, route selection, aid stations, schwag, and the list goes on and on! Thanks so much for all the work you guys put in to this event! Already looking forward to next year! “ -Cynthia Weisinger Austin, TX

“Thanks for a great race!!! Some of the friendliest volunteers I have ever raced with. I am telling you, you guys are awesome!!! So friendly and accommodating, and most importantly for me as a racer, I never questioned where to turn or where to go as the course was marked perfectly and there was someone smiling at every turn. What a great race See you next year.” -Brad Poole, Lookout Mountain, TN

“Thanks to all of the race organizers and volunteers for putting on a first rate event. The course was well marked, the aid stations were well stocked and the volunteers were absolutely amazing. I'll also tell you that this was my first mtb race ever, and the race was so well run and organized that I was never left wondering what to do.” -Scott Devlin, Hot Springs, AR

“Huge thanks to the OCC, the Oden Schools, the race directors, and all of the volunteers for putting on a top notch race!!! That was my first OC and once my body stops hurting, I'll be back for more! Great shirts too!! “ -Cliff Li, Maumelle, AR

“I have done many races over the past 10 years but have never experienced such a fantastic group of volunteers and ride support. Every person from registration, to the cafeteria, to the aid stations and everywhere else were incredible. Friendly, smiling and so helpful. What a great experience. “ -Todd Poole from Monroe, LA

“We had another great time, our 6th year to participate and you find a way to do more for the riders/racers each year!” -Tracey Scott Gray, Sanger TX

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